Not quite the goatie I thought I’d grow

8 10 2008

Not quite the goatie I thought would grow...

So I did a spot of personal grooming.  I wanted a new look.  Something suave and dashing.

Facial hair always works.  Makes you look all cool and that.


I thought.


Matron knows better though.  “All facial hair must be approved and signed for in triplicate” (Actually it’s more than triplicate in reality but whoever says “sign it in septupulet?”).  Is that even a word?  Who knows.

So anyway, that’s too much effort.

I improvised (and bypassed) the rigorous safety precautions and approvals.


2 days later…

Suffice to say. it’s not quite the goatie I thought  I’d grow.





One response

5 02 2010
Jaclyn Hawtin

LOL that is hilarious! I love your photographs, and especially the stories you associate with them. I really like the one that I fond on called “rechagring” that was awesome! I do abstract paintings, but I love to learn photography to integrate into multimedia pieces…

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