When the circus is over…

31 03 2009

When the circus is over


So I went to the circus.  The antics of the clowns were truly inspirational and I felt motivated to improve my own (somewhat mediocre) clown skills.  The complete lack of grace as they tossed custard pies at each other was moving and the cacophony of nose honks towards the end almost had me weeping for joy.  If it wasn’t for Matron poking the beejeebus out of my ribs to keep me from drowning in a pool of my own saliva, I think I may very well have brain melded with the deliciously pink fluffy bunnies of nirvana.  And as they prized my fingernails out of the freshly gouged grooves in the concrete as we left, I remember mumbling repeatedly that I’d one day take to the stage in a secret life and live out my days as one of the world’s foremost  entertainers of children.


That was definitely the plan, anyway.  But like most things, those plans have a terrible propensity for disintegrating into little blobs of molten fish finger juice that get stuck in the types of crack that no dish cloth can purge. 

My juggling has improved leaps and bounds since my last knife juggling attempts  and I only lost two fingers this time.  I’ve found I’m a complete natural at tripping over my own vastly over-sized shoes and my trousers almost fall down as far as my knees if I gyrate my hips for about seven minutes – impressive indeed I think you’ll agree.

But when Matron spotted me squirting weak lemon drink over the children in the observation gallery above the correctional mental equipment room, I was duly harpooned and force fed sixteen black pills (the ones with the faint sound of Kylie Minogue if you insert them in your ears).  I remember nothing apart from thinking that I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky… lucky.

I awoke in my cell. 

I may be here a while.

Matron was most displeased.




2 responses

10 04 2009

Hi Dominick (or Mr. Flibble)!
I saw your pictures on an Italian photomagazine, and I really like your style.
I’m getting to try my let’s say “first” serious selfportraits, and I would like to make you a question:
in this article, you said that you used a software to take the pictures directly from the screen of your computer. Can you tell me what kind of program it is and where I can find it?
I’ve just a simple 350D, so maybe it doesn’t work… but anyhow…!

Thank you very much and a lot of compliments for your pictures!

Ciao ciao

Sara 🙂

P.S. I’m really sorry for my bad english, hope you understand!

11 04 2009

I use a Canon, and that came with the software to do it. I think it’s called Zoom Browser or something – it’s all downloadable from the Canon site, but you’ll need the original CD to get you going as it’s an upgrade from an older piece of software.

Alternatively, there are third party tools that do this – a friend of mine with a Nikon uses this: http://www.breezesys.com/DSLRRemotePro/index.htm

In terms of connecting your camera, you just need your normal USB cable, but you will have to change the connection type your camera makes in the camera menus. Again, this is from memory but it’s something line PC Connect mode instead of PC Print mode.

Hope that helps!

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